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Karupesa hotell
Karupesa hotell

Welcome to Karupesa Hotel!

Hotel Karupesa (Estonian for “bear’s nest”) is located in Otepää, 500 meters from the city center and in the immediate vicinity of Tehvandi Ski Stadium. The hotel has been open since December 1996 and was the first hotel in Otepää. The diverse nature surrounding the hotel creates excellent opportunities for sports and leisure activities among friends, family and co-workers.

Otepää is a suitable place for an active holiday all year round to enjoy the beauty, silence and peace of nature.

We offer accommodation in 30 renovated rooms (74 beds and eight rooms also have a sofa bed). Karupesa has several facilities for seminars and trainings, a lobby bar, a restaurant, saunas, a gym and a free car park for hotel guests. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. FanSport, a year-round sports equipment rental, is also located in Karupesa.

Karupesa Hotel is a member of the Estonian Rural Tourism Association, a member of Kupland, a member of the Estonian Culinary Route and the Baltic Sea Culinary Route


Karupesa Hotel history

Hotel Karupesa was opened in 1996 and originally belonged to AS Finest Hotel Group, which was the first hotel chain in Estonia. The hotel chain included the Palace Hotel in Tallinn, the Rannahotell in Pärnu and the Taru Hotel in Tartu, and later the St.Barbara Hotel in Tallinn. In 1999, Finest Hotel Group merged with Scandic AB, which in turn a few years later joined the hotel chain Hilton International. As of April 1, 2004, Karupesa Hotel belongs to OÜ Karupesa Hotel.

Due to the fact that the hotel belonged to a large hotel chain for more than 7 years, Karupesa is known among Otepää (and also Southern Estonia) hotels for its professional and personal service. It was Finest’s and later Scandic’s high quality standards for service, cleaning staff, breakfast, security and management that gave the hotel staff proper training and taught them to take care of all customers in the best possible way.

Hotel breakfast

A plentiful breakfast is always a good start to the hotel visitors’ days.

Event catering

Over time, we have developed various event menus from which you can choose the most suitable for your event.

Lobby bar

The Lobby Bar is an inviting meeting place in the heart of the hotel – a cozy fireplace, pleasant drinks and the opportunity to play billiards will definitely create a good mood.


There is a gazebo on the side of the hotel, where you can grill with your good company in both summer and winter. Check out our grill menu.


After active outdoor activities, our two saunas offer relaxation, one with a cozy fireplace hall. The price for using the sauna is 30 € / hour. It is possible to order snacks and soft drinks in the saunas via our special sauna menu.

After active outdoor activities, our two saunas offer relaxation.

Both of our saunas are heated by Saunum heaters, which are equipped with a patented air layer mixing system, which captures the scorching steam rising under the ceiling of the steam room, mixes it with cooler air on the floor surface, and directs the soft steam back evenly. Thanks to a more even temperature and moist, oxygen-rich air, the body starts sweating faster.

In addition, you can listen to the music you like with a Bluetooth speaker in the steam room. The heater fan switch and the speaker switch are located on the wall of the dressing room.

To book a sauna, please call the hotel administrator at least 2 hours before the start of the sauna at 5064528 or send an e-mail beforehand: karupesa@karupesa.ee

The price of using the sauna is 30 eur / 1 hour

It is also possible to order snacks and soft drinks for saunas 1 day in advance, there is a sauna menu.

Power gym

A well-equipped gym for use by the hotel guests.

elektriauto laadimine Otepääl

Electric cars can be charged in the Karupesa hotel parking lot

We installed a reliable Elinta Citycharge V2 electric car charging station, which is suitable for charging two electric cars at the same time, in the Karupesa hotel parking lot in cooperation with Enefit AS. Citycharge V2 charges with 2 x 22 kW power. More information...

Winter and snow have arrived in Otepää!

Dear friends! Winter and snow have arrived in Otepää. Additionally every snowgun in area is working to provide additon to the natural snow. Tehvandi Sports Center already has a 0,7km artificial snow skiing track with track lights on until 21.00! Karupesa offers cozy...

Contact free food ordering available at Karupesa Restaurant

Dear friends! During these difficult times, it is possible to order salads, snacks, semi-finished products as well as various pastries from our restaurant to enjoy at home. You can get acquainted with the menu here. Ordering is possible by phone 5064528 or e-mail:...